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The dream of every writer has to be seeing their work in print. This morning my dream came true when the provisional copies of Pontifex Maximus arrived in the post - five months after the novel was first published on Amazon Kindle.

To hold your own book, is an experience difficult to coin - let's say I feel ecstatic and have not been able to put the book down. To think that anyone, across the world can order my book and have it delivered to their homes within 24-48 hours is incredible. To think that people will be seen reading my book is an amazing thought. To know that my book will find a physical place in the bookshelves of many homes is humbling. Today a dream came true and I have no one else to thank by you my readers who took the risk and downloaded my book on kindle. Your trust in me is what made today happen.

Thank You All,

Until Next time....

Damian North

* Pontifex Maximus is now available worldwide through Amazon in both kindle and paperback format.

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