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Now A Published Author

Writing has been a dream of mine for many years now. I first started writing when I was in my late teens and first tried to get published in my early twenties. But, I faced the problem that I couldn’t get published without an agent and I couldn’t get an agent without being published.

Pontifex Maximus - My debut novel, first came to me as an idea ten years ago while I was visiting friends in Chicago. Over a dinner conversation with a Lutheran Pastor, she talked about a series of sermons that she was giving in her church on the final days of mankind. It sparked my interest and the idea for a book came into my mind.

I had my laptop with me and began writing the story which is now published. It is very different from the original draft and has undergone many redrafts over the years, but I can now say that I have crafted the best debut novel as my talents will allow.

Last summer, I came very close to getting this book published with a highly successful publishing company - but as they progressed with the development of the book they pulled their support. A dream left in tatters. But it did not stop me. I knew the story was good. I knew it was a story that I would personally like to read. I knew it was a story that others would enjoy.

So, I self published with Amazon. I got a team of good editors and proof readers to polish up the novel as best we could and in late August through Kindle Direct Publishing it was uploaded with intention of going live today, Friday 21st October 2016. Today, I can say that I am a novelist and an author.

Some followers of my twitter account @damian_north were keen to get reading it and they have posted back some great comments as they were reading. From KPD I have discovered that I now have readers in the UK, US, Brazil and India all within a matter of hours of the book going live.

This is just the beginning of my writing career and who knows where it will end up. But, nothing makes me happier than sitting my backside down and allowing the creativity to flow onto the page.

I hope you enjoy the book and if you do please leave a comment on the amazon website and let others know that the book is out there.

Also, through my bio page you can sign up for my newsletters. Don’t worry, you won’t be swamped as I’ll only be emailing you to let you know when something exciting is about to take place.

Until Next time….

Damian North

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