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So, it has been nine months since I launched my debut novel and I am bowled over with the support and the feedback that has come through Pontifex Maximus. I literally have received hundreds of emails and messages from people all over the world; from as far away as New Zealand to Alaska, from South Africa to Finland. It still amazes me that every day people across the world are reading it and from the feedback enjoying it.

Perhaps the biggest success was achieving number 1 in Germany back in March for the most successfully downloaded English book in the country and that really surprised me. Sales remain strongest in the UK and Ireland which I believe is down to word of mouth spreading from those who have read the book… Sill need to break the US market those... but hopefully that will happen soon.

In a recent poll from Kindle readers, Pontifex Maximus was voted the most highly recommended indie (Independently written) thriller they would recommend to their friends and families for a great summer read in 2017. As an indie author this was truly incredible news to receive considering that with KDP publishing the onus is on the author to produce and to promote the book themselves. So, such recognition from readers is what makes the whole process so worth while.

For those of you who have yet to read Mr. Finch A Hanging Protocol… it is available on Kindle too and the paperback of that should be available to buy towards the end of August. Please have a look at the reviews on both books as they are pretty incredible and much appreciated. If you have read either novel and haven’t left a review, could I please ask you to do so as this would help the book become more of a success.

Finally, the sequel to Pontifex is well underway. I am however slightly afraid of writing it as I know it needs to be as good as, or even better than, Pontifex. I have taken the decision not to rush this book but to take the time necessary to produce something that will not disappoint you my readership… so I aim to have it published early in the new year.

Until next time….

Damian North

P.S. if you haven't subscribed to my emailing list please check out how to do it in the contact section of the website.



No1. Amazon Bestselling Thriller

The Indie Dystopian Novel taking kindle by storm.

What if evil convinced the world that it was good?

All it takes is for one man to tell one lie for the world to be convinced that evil is good.As the world waits for the Pope to die, an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Unaware they are living in the End of Times, the world fails to see that everything is in place for the rise of the Antichrist. This book is a Vatican / Political Thriller which is rooted in conspiracy within the heart of the Vatican.

“One of the most addictive page turners I’ve ever read” - A. Scott.

“A Prophetic novel in light of world happenings” - M. Bruce.

“Damian North is fast becoming the master story-teller of his age." Peter Arditti.

"A gripping read... be prepared to lose some sleep!" Dianne Moore.

Also Available in Paperback

UK -





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