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I had to pinch myself today when I realised that it has been a year to the day since I became a published author with the release of my debut novel, Pontifex Maximus - Now The End Begins.

This time last year I was filled with excitement at the book’s launch but also with a nervous anticipation as to how the book would be received by the readership.

A year on and a second book later (Mr Finch - A Hanging Protocol) it has been an amazing journey for all the new contacts I have made, and especially from the loyal readership that has gathered around me; from Cathy in California to Joshua in Christchurch, from Ben in Reykjavik to Sharon in Durban… to name but a few. The support, the emails, the tweets, the reviews etc… I have loved reading them all and I can only hope that in the future I will continue to receive many more.

So, thank you to each and every single person who has downloaded the book and who has supported me. Without your support the book would not have had the success it has achieved and I as an author would never have made contact with so many wonderful people. You have all made the dream come true.


One of the most addictive page turners I’ve ever read… The most explosive indie thriller of the year.” - A. Scott.

“A Prophetic novel in light of world happenings” - M. Bruce.

“Damian North is fast becoming the master story-teller of his age." Peter Arditti.

"A gripping read... be prepared to lose some sleep!" Dianne Moore.

Also Available in Paperback

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